How it Works

Once Secure Sypher is activated for your Connections Online site, the normal Related Link option changes from a plain text box to include an integrated file upload option.

Normal Related Links

The only option is to enter the URL for your link.

Links with Secure Sypher

Now, you have a choice of entering the URL or uploading your file. Uploaded files then look and act just like regular Related Links.

Secure by Design

Included with all Connections Online accounts!

  • 20 GB of storage
  • Available to all users on your Connections Online site
  • Files uploaded and downloaded directly from Connections Online Related Links
  • Administrators: Enable Secure Sypher File Sharing on your site admin page

Technical Requirements

Supported Web Browsers

Firewall / Proxy settings

Along with you normal access to Connections Online sites (*, your organization must allow secure web connections (HTTPS / TCP Port 443) to Amazon Web Services (* and our support site (